Airheads Grape (15.6g)
Unwrap the fun and play delicious with a box full of only your favorite Airheads Grape flavour (15.6g)  
Babyruth Bar (59.5g)
BABY RUTH bars are bursting with peanuts, rich caramel, and chewy nougat to give you the perfect treat to savour the good stuff! BABY RUTH Candy BarsA hearty candy bar with great American taste nothing works like the nutty, chewy...
Bottlecaps Theatre (141.7g)
Enjoy the soda fountain taste in your mouth anytime with the Wonka Bottle Caps Candy, 6 oz. It features several sweet flavours, such as cola, root beer and grape in each pack.  (141.7g)
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Butterfinger Bar (53.8g)
Charms Fluffy Stuff Birthday Cake Cotton Candy
No need to wait for your Birthday to enjoy the taste of fresh, just-made cotton candy now you can enjoy it any time of the year, thanks to Charms Fluffy Stuff. Everyone loves cotton candy, and now it's even easier...
Cheetos Crunchy 2oz (56.7g)
Add a touch lighten-up moment to each day with CHEETOS playfully mischievous crummy crunch. CHEETOS firm snacks are created with real cheese and pack seriously cheesy taste. therefore the next time your abdomen rumbles, reach for a bag of CHEETOS...
Sold Out
Cheetos Crunchy cheddar Jalapeno 2oz (56.7g)
Cheetos crunchy Jalapeno cheddar cheese snacks deliver cheese flavour with an additional kick of hotness. created with real cheese, they are filled with a hot flavour and satisfying crunch. These single-serve bags aren't solely simple to require with you, they are additionally simply what you wish to recharge and curb your hunger throughout the day. (56.7g) NOTE: This item...
Chewy Lemonhead Berry Awesome (23g)
Enlighten your taste buds with bold fruit satisfaction. These great tasting Chewy Lemonheads pack your favorite berry flavors in a lip-smacking chew. With a sugar shell coating and chewy center candy piece, these delicious candies are perfect for sharing or...
Chewy Lemonhead Fiercely Citrus (23g)
Chewy Lemonheads are easy to carry around. Toss the pocket-sized candy box in your backpack or briefcase. They are ideal as an on-the-go treat. Share them with family, friends, or your coworkers--you're sure to be on everyone's sweet side.  (23g)...
Chewy Lemonhead Fruit Mix (23g)
hewy Lemonhead & Friends Candy - It's sure to please the kid in you! 5 Different flavors: Lemon, Cherry, Grape, Orange, and Apple. Quantity 24 25¢ packages, 1.08 oz each, in a retail display tray. (23g)
Chewy Lemonhead Pink Lemonade (23g)
Love those Lemonheads but looking for a little change? Try these Chewy Pink Lemonade Lemonheads. Great taste of pink lemonade teasing you with some pucker power. Lovely for summer events and to take to the movies. (23g)  
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